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    If you are in the market for new curtain walling for your residential or commercial property, you have come to the right place. Here at Colney, we have a variety of options available for you to choose from, depending on your vision. Curtain walling provides ample advantages to your property.

    While curtain walling is traditionally associated with large commercial structures it has increasingly found favour in residential construction thanks to its versatility. Curtain walling can create a dramatic, unique aesthetic for your building by integrating windows and doors into their design. The visual effect of curtain walling is undeniably modern and attention-grabbing, and its adaptable nature ensures that each installation is tailored to suit the specific requirements of the space.

    Beyond its unique visual appeal, curtain walling also offers practical benefits. It is lightweight making installation relatively straightforward and it uses a balance of materials that combine durability and looks. A forever popular choice, curtain walling will offer a timeless design to your property. The ability to create expansive, contemporary designs has made curtain walling a sought-after feature in both new and existing properties.

    We have an experienced team ready to help you with your design and provide a seamless installation process. Our nationwide service means we can reach you anywhere in the UK including Chelmsford for all your curtain walling fitting requirements.

    Curtain Walling Colours & Finishes

    We pride ourselves on offering a bespoke and customisable experience. As such, our clients can choose from our wide range of colour and finishes. We offer all powder coating RAL colours in matte, gloss, and satin finishes. Furthermore, we can provide dual colour options and any anodised finish imaginable. If you’re unsure what exactly you’re looking for, feel free to get in touch for impartial advice or a zero-fee consultation.

    RAL 9010

    Pure White

    RAL 7016

    Anthracite Grey

    RAL 8017

    Chocolate Brown

    RAL 9005

    Jet Black


    Over 200 to choose from


    Wide range of options

    toughened glass


    laminated glass


    low-emissivity glass


    obscure and patterned glass

    Obscure & Patterned

    wired glass


    georgian and astragal bars

    Georgian & Astragal Bars

    Curtain Walling Glazing Options

    Every property is different, so it makes no sense to treat them the same. As a provider of bespoke fenestration, we stock every glazing type. We can facilitate if you’re looking to add single, double, or triple glazing to your properly. Contact us today to discuss your needs and book a free consultation.

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